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  1. Introduction

1.1 [3 Kingdoms: Siege & Conquest] is the official name of the Philippines version. It is developed and manufactured by [Shanghai UQEE Network Co.,Ltd] and is operated exclusively under the authority of VNG. 

1.2 Before playing this game, players are required to read, understand and agree to all terms of this game product (including age qualifications), in particular VNG's liability or exclusion terms. The conditions for limiting the rights of the players are considered other conditions. 

1.3 In the event that the player does not see or accept the entire agreement, whatever the conditions Players please do not use or play this game product [3 Kingdoms: Siege & Conquest] and delete the game from the player's phone device immediately. 

1.4 If a player uses or plays this game product [3 Kingdoms: Siege & Conquest], it means that the player has read all terms and conditions. All these conditions include any changes, additions, amendments or actions in accordance with the period. 

  1. Definition

Scope of the Terms of Service The words or phrases written in bold have the meanings and definitions below. Unless these words or phrases are used or understood in other contexts, "games" or "products": ie Internet games [3 Kingdoms: Siege & Conquest]. 

2.1 "Main Site": is 3ksc.vnggames.net 

2.2 "Rules and Regulations": These are the terms, rules, and definitions as described in the Terms of Service and/or notice. In-game information provided by VNG Company in the games and or on the main website. 

2.3 “Information”: is content or news that has been created over the time a player joins or uses this game (server). 

2.4 "Personal Information": is information that asserts privacy as described in Section 4. Of this Terms of Service 

  1. Accounts and access

Players must have an account in order to play. To create an account to access it, you can follow the methods below: 

3.1 Use the method of instant access or accounts associated with (Google, Facebook) (after this will be called "linked account") depending on each period The game will allow players to use their linked accounts to earn money. However, the player needs to meet all the conditions and requirements. At the same time, players will be responsible for all actions by themselves if they enter through a linked account. 

3.2 Play by "Play Now" for the first time. In this case, the game account will sync to the player's device. Players are required to confirm information and privacy as requested by the game. 

3.3 In order to protect the privacy and interests of the players VNG recommend players to play through their Facebook account. Or other linked accounts of the player VNG will not be able to make corrections to the players' requests. If the player does not confirm ownership of the account 

  1. Player collection and privacy information

4.1 Our applications use technologies such as AR Kit (Augmented Reality or AR), Camera API, True Depth API ... or similar technologies provided by mobile operating systems that are used to capture information on a person's face. Use and use for various functions in the app. 

+ We will not use this information for any purpose other than the functions mentioned in the application. 

+ The user has the right to refuse to allow the camera to access these features at any time. 

+ We do not store or share any of the above information with third parties. 

4.2 VNG will use privacy protection equipment. Or player information But in the event of legal regulation, the prosecutor's office or the relevant government agency requests information, VNG will send player information to the aforementioned entities. 

4.3 Character naming Players are required to correctly name their character on their game account in accordance with the terms and conditions published here. 

4.4 Players understand and agree that VNG and or any third party or entity In collaboration with VNG Able to bring the information the players have provided to the company, can send information, press releases through different channels Text, telephone number (email) or any other means that information can be sent to the players, in which case the third party or organization cooperating with VNG (if applicable) will also maintain the player's personal information with VNG. 

4.5 The Player understands and agrees to avoid any cases where a Player account is lost or tampered with or stolen (hack). The Player will not disclose this to anyone (whether intentionally or unintentionally), Account Information, with anyone. all Including close people of the player At the same time, if a player encounters or suspects unwanted traffic Players may (i) change the code immediately and or (ii) notify VNG and take the necessary steps. Such as account lockdown or suspension of actions that would cause damage to the player's account. Including cooperating with VNG 

4.6 Players understand and accept the protection and upgrading of the privacy of the player. VNG has the power to use technology or tools to prevent, maintain, However, the above information is not a guarantee that a player's account will not be lost or hacked. And VNG is exempt from being compensated for any damages to the players in such an event. 

4.7 Players understand and agree that Product usability and property upgrades In the event that a player is unable to play or use it within (6) months of their initial access, VNG has the authority (but is not obligated to) delete the Player's account and information on all products. 

4.8 To provide VNG to the players with the best possible efficiency. The player accepts and agrees with all information and allows VNG has the power to collect your information through all systems, products and or applications on players' devices. VNG will retain information in accordance with VNG's entire data protection policy. 

  1. Service in use

5.1 If the player agrees to all the conditions mentioned above and in the product. VNG grants players a non-exclusive right to use all the services for their own purposes. Any trading for the player 

5.2 In addition to your use of the products described in 5.1, VNG has the power to acquire all intellectual property rights. Including trademarks All exclusive product keys, images, features, built-in sounds, game products. Including all the powers associated with the game product itself. And the player will not do anything other than clause 5.1 of Article 5 without the written consent of 

5.3 Players understand and agree that: 

  1. In the process and process of providing gaming products For the best possible service, VNG has the power to update, add, edit, delete all content or functions of the game product without prior notice to the players. In case the player continues to use This means that the player has accepted all the changes made. In case the players disagree Players must immediately cease use, not login, remove products from players' devices, in which case VNG will not be responsible for the player's account in any way.
  2. For optimal speed and user experience, VNG has the power to delete all old player data at any time.
  3. VNG will use any method or device to enhance the player's performance for the best user experience, however, if there is an adverse event in the product (i), interference, (ii) bug. (iii) is lost or the name has been matched to something in the product. VNG will use the appropriate methods. (As permitted) for a reasonable period of correction provided that the player agrees with VNG in all cases.
  4. All information relating to technology, features, and formulas in the game product is confidential. As a result, VNG has no obligation to impart any information to the players in any way.
  5. In order to provide the best and non-stop development, VNG has the power to update, amend or add all information related to simulated features. Simulation product Rewards on products used by the player are being used without prior notice and the player will not make any claim to VNG.
  6. The games serve the purpose of entertaining players. Players must fulfil all relevant conditions. The program or simulator of prizes and in-game points are not valueless assets, they cannot be exchanged for money or vouchers or valuable assets in the event that the player's account is deleted or unavailable. temporary (Whatever the cause), either the program or the emulator. Rewards and Points As mentioned above Will be promptly deleted and legal action (if applicable) and VNG will not be liable to compensate or indemnify any damages, including cash or valuable assets. VNG will post and provide information to protect the privacy of players in accordance with the law throughout the period.
  7. Promotional discounts on games products Activities, products, games It will be announced officially on the home page of the game product. And or the main website only. For this reason, the information in public relations, promotional activities, or any information that is not released from the products or main channels mentioned above, if there is any fraud or damage to VNG players will not be responsible or indemnify any players.
  8. VNG will only accept payments made via VNG's channels or be offered, featured or published in the game product. And or the main website only In the event that a player pays anything other than the above, VNG will not be liable for any action. In any event that occurs after the payment is successful and VNG has received the information and credited to the player's account in the game product. But after that, the intermediary company that processes the payment informs the refund (At the request of the cardholder) VNG is required to take steps and compensate for the amount verified in the Player's account and will be deducted for the amount used by the Player. In the event that a player receives a different amount of money (due to the fact that the player has used it), VNG has the power to deduct the next payment or restore any items on the game product. The player has used it. There are also other cases depending on the severity. Players may be permanently locked out.
  9. Violation and management rules

6.1 In addition to following the game rules, you will not perform any of the following actions: 

  1. Take advantage of the game to:

(i) Fight against any Government; Causing a prejudice to the security of the country Social security; Dangerous for the indigenous group; Induce war, terrorism; Causing breakage Conflicts between peoples, races, religions; 

(ii) Propaganda Incite violence, abuse, degradation, crime, social disaster, superstition Breaking the tradition and customs of the peoples; 

(iii) Reveal government secrets Military, security, economic, international relations and other secrets required by law; 

(iv) Misrepresent the reputation of the organizer Personal honour and dignity; 

(v) Advertising and propaganda, trading of goods, services in the game, especially merchandise Illegal services; Publishing publications, literature, art, prohibited publications; 

(vi) Fake organizations, private individuals and spread false information. Information that is unfair and infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals. 

  1. Carry out infringement of the copyright, intellectual property of VNG and its developers in connection with the following products:

(i) Remove copyright-related information. The intellectual property of the product; 

(ii) Modify the code, duplicate the product code. Or use other methods to display the initial product code; 

(iii) Scan, check, test to check or find out any errors or available errors of the product. For illegal purposes; 

(iv) Perform copying, amendment, reduction, change in properties or performance of the product. For the generated data And stored at Somewhere In the work process of the product Or interactive data (server) and client in the work process of the product But is not limited to plug-ins, auto or any other related systems connected to third party tools while this is not permitted by VNG in advance; 

(v) Use, rent, lend, copy, modify, connect, transfer, publish or create any website, microsite… for information on intellectual property that VNG is the owner or licensed to use, sell or launch; 

(vi) Create a website, microsite about products. Or is similar or identical to the product 

  1. About the operation of using the game:

(i) Using accounts, passwords of other players That is not allowed. 

(ii) Trade items, merchandise, in-game points or game accounts between players for cash or real assets 

(iii) Destroy game justice by (i) exploiting - whether intentionally or not - various in-game errors. Flaws in the original version Designing the game for the purpose of fraud or any acts that violate the game rules; (ii) use third-party software, applications and / or devices to interfere with the Game and / or the Game Server system and / or (iii) taking any action to gain an advantage over other players who violate the game rules. 

(iv) Speculation, the benefit of illegal entities, counterfeit products in the game and/or the use of counterfeit agencies, counterfeit products created in violation of game rules. 

(v) By such means or other means to defraud, fail to comply with the rules of the game for illegal interests. 

(vi) Chat or express political, religious or ethnic views in games 

(vii) Talks about profanity and/or offensive behaviour Or words that affect honour The reputation or prestige of any organization or person, whether in the game or out of the game. 

(viii) The operation of persuading, inducing other players, for fraudulent purposes. 

(ix) Impersonating or trying to mislead you as another player. And/or someone else (not you) in the game 

(x) Employees, workers or associates of VNG. 

(xi) No matter what action, speech, gesture or attitude That destroys the dignity Trademark of the game or VNG. 

(xii) Operations that cause interference Causing unsafe at the head office or any sub-branch Representative office Any VNG business premises and/or VNG related entities. 

(xiii) Any word, gesture, or action that violates the body, reputation, dignity, or threatens the employee (be it a part-time beautician And supporters Or staff) of VNG. 

(xiv) Other actions (i) violate the law (ii) go against the good traditions of the Vietnamese (iii) conflict with the normal online gaming community And / or online gaming rules 

6.2 For violation of game rules VNG has the right to itself and / or through the system. The game features To deal with violations It depends on the severity of the violation. It may be done in one of the following ways: 

  1. Warning: Used for first-time offenders and has little impact on the game. And / or other players
  2. Blame: Used for actions that have been warned but do not correct and / or repeat infringement or violations of subsection terms (vi), (vii), (viii), (ix), (x), (xi. Clause (c), sub-clause 6.1, clause 6 of these Terms of Service.
  3. Deleting and / or removing fake entities Counterfeit goods in the game: used for actions that are condemned but not corrected. And/or repeat offences And/or violates the provisions of subsection (iii), (iv), (v), clause (c), sub-6.1, clause 6 of these Terms of Service.
  4. Account lock for a fixed time (Time limit depends on the nature of the offence): Used for operations that are blamed and/or dealt with in accordance with clause (c) sub 6.2, this has not been corrected and / or made worse, or Violate the terms of subsection (xii), (xiii), clause (c) sub 6.1, clause 6 of these Terms of Service.
  5. Permanent Account Lock: Used for operations that are handled in accordance with sub (d) 6. This has not been modified and / or is made worse or violates the terms of (a), (b), sub (i). ), (ii), (xiv) clause (c), clause 6.1, clause 6 of these Terms of Service.
  6. The transfer of documents to the competent government agency for the commission of a criminal offence or punishment: used for any violation of criminal penalties.

Even with the above requirements In certain special circumstances, VNG is entitled to take additional measures. Or at the same time, administrative measures must be taken for the purpose of prevention and / or ensuring that the game environment is fair. 

6.3 In situations where VNG detects and / or receives a complaint Notices related to violations of your game rules and / or your in-game account. Based on the behaviour and degree of abuse for which VNG has the sole right to manage in accordance with the in-game terms; At the same time, VNG has the right (but not required) to publish your account name, a management form on the main game page, in-game announcements to other players. And / or news channels that VNG has access to Player information Others of the game. 

  1. Game-related complaints and reports

7.1 In making complaints or reports about the game Your account must be fully verified account so that VNG can review and contact it. If your account is not fully identified or if VNG has reasonable grounds to believe that the information you provide is incorrect, VNG can refuse your request until correct and complete information has been received. 

7.2 You accept and agree to the processing of your request through the direct customer support channels and is the official VNG legal decision-making authority. Computer Operation Act 


  1. Applicable law

All Terms of Service are enforced and fully explained in accordance with all legal requirements. 

9. Other conditions 

9.1 Any one or more of the Terms of Service that are declared by the court to be not legally valid, but the other terms are still legally enforceable between the Player and VNG. 

9.2 VNG's failure to act or delay in any matter or action in these Terms does not imply any or all of its negligence or administrative action. And is not meant to exclude one or all of the powers to the conditions set out below. 


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